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How would you do this? (Rune slot system)

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    How would you do this? (Rune slot system)

    So, the first picture shows some of the possible runes and the second one shows how I want the screen to look like.
    As you may have figured or not, I'm wanting to implement a slot-kind system for my skills, where you need to equip your runes (which represents your character's skills) into your available slots (which can increase in size over level). Once you have it equipped your character is able to use the skill.

    In the second picture, the top-left square represents the grid you have available to put your runes, the right side display your available runes and the bottom side a detailed description about the rune currently selected.

    The problem is, I have no idea how to use flash whatsoever.
    I mean, I'm not a totally noob in it, I have done a main menu and login screen for my game and since I'm a long date programmer I can use actionscript fairly well.

    But then I have those problems like, how would I set the starting position of the available grid? A rune slot is 64x64, so calculating a position is easy, but where would it start? Hard-coded or is there a way to set a graphic-movable-user-friendly-something on the screen?
    And how would the right part be made? I'm not exactly talking about feeding information of available skills from unreal (that much I know how to do), but how to do a scrollable inventory? Can I use something from CLIK to help-me?

    Then the last part would be about the rune graphics itself, currently I'm intending to add to the library every single rune graphic and then just feed the rune information by unrealscript, but is that the best way to do? I mean, If I had 100 skills it would be a bunch of images directly on flash, Oh well I can't think of any other way anyway...

    Thanks for any insight you provide!