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render target crash

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    render target crash

    i'm trying to setting render target of 3d model to scaleform .i've follow the guide but when flash call external interface and uscript perform SetExternalTexture function,udk crash without any messagge (only "Critical error" ) .

    i've tested solution from this topic , but nothing change.

    The rendertotexture2d actor function properly : if it use on a material and apply , for example, to brush i can see the rendered scene.

    all in the november 2011 (with gfxeporter patch applied) udk,with as2 flash .
    someone managed to run the render to texture (after august version)? I looked for known bugs without finding anything


    Yeah this has been a big issue for a while now. There have a been a ton of threads about this in the last few months.

    In short, if you need to use scaleform, you pretty much have to use UDK-2011-10. There are several projects that im aware of (including my own) that are stuck on UDK-2011-10. Basically scaleform4 (UDK-2011-11 and later) was released before it was actually ready.

    I did get a response from Matt Doyle about this exact issue in the form of a private message. it read, and I quote
    "The team is aware of it."

    Here is to hoping that a fix is released in UDK-2012-02!


      then waiting for the fix ...
      thanks .


        I am still having this problem. How come 4 versions of UDK comes out with a big bug like this, that were reported several times here on this forum?


          No idea. Its frustrating. Everyone thats using scaleform and requires this basic render texture functionality is still locked into using UDK-2011-10, which is the last release this was known to work.

          Still its very frustrating. I have asked that they update the docs, or at LEAST post a sticky about this major problem so people dont loose so much time on it, but nothing yet. I did get a pm from Matt Doyle not too long ago that said they are aware of the issue. So scaleform is aware but I have no idea if epic is.