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    Menu not Displayed Mobile

    When I click and Test the menu via the "Start this level on PC" button all is good. It displays with buttons, a mouse cursor etc. It does what I want.

    When I click on the button "Start this on the mobile previewer" all I get is a black screen, no images and no buttons ... can I :

    1. use this menu in mobile, if so any ideas what I need to change
    2. if not ... what does one do for mobile

    I am on the Sept 2011 build.


    iOS does not support scaleform (because it does not support flash), unless that has changed recently.

    Instead you would use canvas.


      Hmmm seems like a backward step.

      I've seen the tutorials where there's the ExHUD and possibilities to render text and images plus adding check boxes etc.

      I'll try this out, hope its ok for the Sept release as I don't have nividia cards ... anyone know when non nividia cards will work in the mobile previewer again?