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Trigger won't launch GFxMovie in multiplayer.

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  • Trigger won't launch GFxMovie in multiplayer.

    Okey I gues this is a pretty simple question, I got a fully functional weaponshop made in flash, the problem is that I cant get it work in
    multiplayer. Ive tried a bunch of different ways of making this work but no luck.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    First try:

    When touching a trigger, kismet will do a consolecommand to player, that exec function is located in my playercontroller:

    The serverconsole sais something like "Script Warning: Accsess none 'myHud' "

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Second try:
    I made a custom trigger with this script:
    event Touch(Actor Other, PrimitiveComponent OtherComp, vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal)
        local Pawn TouchingPawn;
        local AGPlayerController PC;
        TouchingPawn = Pawn(Other);
        PC = AGPlayerController(TouchingPawn.Controller);
    and the OpenShop function in PC is also "AGHUD(myHud).SetShowShop(true);"

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Third try:
    Skip the functions in Playercontroler and go straight to the AGHUD and activate the SetShowShop.
    No luck ether....

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I've even tried to replicate the function in playercontroller to run on both client and server but no luck. There is nothing
    wrong with the flash file as it fully works in the editor and as a ScoreBoard.

    No idea what im doing wrong, maybe kismet is not ment for multiplayer or something, Ive had a bunch of Multiplayer
    problems but this one must have a simple solution to fix right?

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    just a thought

    since you made a custom event, does it need a max trigger count value even if you want to trigger it any number of times?


    • #3
      yeah i've tried both a high number and unlimited, works in editor but not when launching a server. For the custom trigger
      I followed a tutorial and as you see on my first post in the "CODE" area it should accsess the touching pawns Playercontroller :S

      When I made it in kismet I tried change settings of "Client only" and "Player only" but no difference, the target of the consolecommand
      is player_0 and I've also tried to set it to "all players". Since you have the "Client only" setting and the fact you can assign which player
      to target in consolecommand to me it seems like this should work in multiplayer to and not only singleplayer :P There must be some
      one in this forum who's been able to simply run a Scaleform movie in multiplayer.


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        I've never tried multiplayer stuff or coding trigger events ... but just to cover the really bottom-rung stuff, does your
        trigger need or inherit some kind of player indexing ... like the player variable in kismet has All players toggle?
        And the kismet triggers default to Player only in their properties... if it's working on local then it might only be agreeing with one pawn.


        • #5
          actually got this working, had to change the triggers functions to Simulated functions lol, now I just need to add the use button. thanks for support