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    You could create a boolean that is checked before executing the function to play the music and change it to its opposite when the function is first executed.

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    Audio and music

    Hey, Guys.

    I have a scaleform menu I'm developing or an Indy game project, and I have some music that I have placed in my menu. However, there seems to be a problem.

    When I go to the section that starts the music it starts playing (not the problem). I can then go deeper in the the menu system and change stuff, all just fine and dandy, however... when I return to the section that initiates the music (the main menu), it initiates another instance of the music over the other one, while the other one is still playing.

    I assume I have to use some action script to fix this, however, I don't know how to create something that will do this specific thing.

    Sorry if what I said isn't ver clear. I don't know how else to explain it.

    Thanks for making an awesome community, guys.

    Alpha Spartan A