I've failed to find any (working) examples or tutorials on this matter, I'm not interested in "do ****load of wacko things in kismet plus get yourself a phd in Flash/actionscript". I simply want to be able to through unrealscript be able to create graphical components that can be filled with text and at certain points (interract with NPC) will show up and also make the player in control of a mousepointer to select an option.

I don't think this sounds extremely difficult, I just don't know how to do it and it seems no one else is interested in doing it simple either but have to use flash and kismet. The reason that I don't want to use kismet is (from what I understand it) I have to create the same scheme for every NPC in the game. I believe it would be easier to make NPCs inherit this behavior and through some programming-magic automatically fill the components with whatever dialogs and options.

Any pointer to anything simple? I'm not lazy when it comes to reading any documentation either so please if there is any on this matter, do point! I feel like the documentation that we have access to is less than basic so how anyone learned to use UDK is a mystery for me, really :P

Just noticed I put this thread in the wrong section, can someone move it to "programming and unrealscript" or maybe somewhere else where it fits better. Sorry.