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ExternalInterface.Call("UnrealScriptFunction","Par ameters")

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    ExternalInterface.Call("UnrealScriptFunction","Par ameters")

    Hey all,
    Making a nuisance of myself around the boards.

    How does this External call work exactly? Do I need to declare which class the function I am trying to call exists in? And how do I send two or more parameters into my UC functions?

    To the best of my knowledge, it calls functions in the assigned gfxmovie class. Meaning, if you were to set up your menu for example in kismet, you assign it to play a swf file with an assigned class. It will call functions with parameters in that assigned class. AFAIK you can send as many parameters as you want between the two.

    I am not entirely sure whether it will be able to call functions outside of that class in the rest of the uc structure. To be safe I'd just build a simple function in the assigned gfxmovie-extending class that calls that external function.

    As for how to put in multiple parameters:

    The function call is a string, but the parameters are not; so if you unrealscript function was:

    myFunction(int type1, int type2, float type3)

    Your actionscript function call would be: