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Keyboard input...not working - RESOLVED

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    I found the problem, scaleform does not support getascii in AS, using getcode works, although this is not as helpfull because it only works with certain characters (like no lower case)... hope this helps someone else..

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  • started a topic Keyboard input...not working - RESOLVED

    Keyboard input...not working - RESOLVED

    I have created an swf file that has a input (not using clik) the input is a text field that is associated with a variable, I then have an action script that adds a listener to the keys using

    var keyListener:Object = new Object();
    keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {
    textvalue= textvalue + chr(Key.getAscii());


    This works fine in in test and also within the GFxMovie player, but when I load it up in my movie the only key that works is the escape key... all other keys perform thier normal UDK binding function.

    I have set the following...

    self.bCaptureInput = true;

    I have also just incase done a

    AddCaptureKey('A'); for all keys...

    This is still not working, the movie has focus otherwise the escape key would not perform correctly, i.e. return the input field to a disabled, you have to click on the field to enter text, this is also working... I have read the scaleform docs, searched the forum but cannot get the keys to be mapped, all mouse input works correctly...

    Any help would be appreciated...