Live Preview:
I tried using a SceneCaptureActor and TextureRenderTarget2D to change an image inside a movieclip in the SWF but all this does is crash the UDK.
Does anyone have a working example of this that runs on the November 2011 version or later?

Level Specific Load Screen
I added my own .bik movie and changed the config file but all this does is choose randomly between the available map movies.
1. Is there a way to specify which movie needs to be used as a loadscreen for a particular map?
2. As a workaround, I tried making my own transition map and replaced EnvyEntry with some kinda Flash HUD which can recognize which map is being loaded and show an image and a loading anim. I can confirm it shows my content during the load by testing it with my own maps.
Is there a way to make the loading screen wait till my flash file is done and then i can remove the load screen, currently it just vanishes as soon as the level is loaded?