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Flash designer(s) needed for New Breed Games

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    Flash designer(s) needed for New Breed Games

    Hello all,

    My name is Ryan McClellan and I am CEO/Founder of New Breed Games, LLC and Co-Producer/Lead Designer of the upcoming video game release of "PRECIPICE". For more info on the game, please visit, but to sum it up, this will be a mid-to-high budget video game, featuring a team of 16 other industry professionals (including EA Games’ producer: Kelly Murdock, and Sundance Film Festival award winning animator: Antonio Medina). It is a wonderfully festive game and will be a wonderful experience to work on.

    We need someone to help design 2 HUD sets using Flash/Scaleform.

    We are in pre-production right now, meaning we are not funded and cannot guarantee payment. We are in the final stages of the development process for our demo release, which is a simple, 1-level "prototype" that we will use to pitch to our investors and publishers this coming March. We CAN guarantee future (fully paid) work on the full release of the game, if you agree to help with the prototype/demo we are working on - without expecting upfront or guaranteed payment. You WILL get to use all work and the demo itself for demo reel purposes.

    Please email me at with demo reels or portfolios if you have, and be sure you are okay with the terms. This IS a high budget project, but it is not funded YET. So we cannot guarantee payment, but with the 90% chance that we WILL receive a large budget, it is a project you should roll the dice for It won’t take long to put it together, you get demo reel use and experience in the games industry, and if we get the green light, you can come aboard as our official Flash Designer.

    Thanks and be well,
    -Ryan W. McClellan
    (CEO/Founder – New Breed Games, LLC),,