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    Recommended Flash Learning Resources?

    I know absolutely nothing about Flash. I would like to pick up a book and was wondering what some of you seasoned Flash artists would recommend? There are a lot of options out there and many are highly regarded but I would like to know if there is anything that might be better suited to get me started with Scaleform/UDK.

    Before you read on I must say that I have absolutely never used Flash before I started with the UDK/Scaleform.
    I'm also nothing of an graphical artist: I'm a programmer.

    What I did was starting at the easiest (imo) scaleform thing in the UTGame: the HUD.
    I looked at how the original was build (both in Flash and it's AS aswell as the UnrealScript) and created a new file and made a HUD that would work with the UDKGame code.
    Then I added some fade animations etc in the Flash and extended the UTHudWrapper class to make use of those animations.

    After that I went on and made a HUD using my own UDK project (own UnrealScript codebase; no UT stuff). Because I tried on the UTGame first, it was easy for me to make a Scaleform HUD using my own code.

    Ofcourse self-teaching might not be your thing but for me going from the base/original, then extending from that and then creating one by/for yourself without use of existing stuff (except in my case art assets for now) works pretty well.
    There are also some Scaleform tutorials around. Look at the sticky's on this forum.


      Flash tutorials have proliferated the internet, you can find approaches that will likely be within spec for what you need for your UI quite quickly with a little time on google.

      I think the best two resources are Flashkit, and Kirupa Id look them over and play around with the tutorials, but know that a lot of their per frame stuff may be hard on the scaleform renderer. When possible, shift things out of actionscript and into a tween, when needing interpolated information. The rest of the information you will likely need is on the UDN or in examples linked in this forum.


        I'm definitely using web tutes but I have to make a long commute twice a week on the train and that two and a half hours per trip is just going to waste. I'm fresh out of fiction too, curse my luck.

        I'm starting to come to terms with the flash format concepts and the editor workflow (good lord it seems so unintuitive) but for some reason I can't seem to find anything on what I would consider to be basic menu items. Such as setting the gameplay resolution, audio options, level of detail etc... For instance a Google search on flash resolution returns hundreds of pages that all seem to be related to forcing a certain resolution for a swf/flv that don't appear (at my level of knowledge anyway) to be of any relevance to giving the user resolution options.

        Just gonna have to put in the time I suppose. :cheers: