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    Another minor issue I'm having is that the mouse cursor isn't showing up. I noticed the code to control the mouse is within the MouseContainer MovieClip in the Assets.fla
    What I'm unsure of is how/when this is being used in the various views, as from what I see it isn't.
    I'm currently having to fumble myself around my menus with tab and the arrow keys for testing



      This really is a gem of an explanation. Instead of using the forward back (push / pull) view system I have a side by side menu system and tried modifing this so that there's always only one view on the view stack. However I get callbacks from other popped views.

      When a view is popped from the veiwstack will it cease to function or does it still exist. I see that bDisableSubComponets should be set on items being popped out which makes me believe they still exist.


        Hey, hope someone still supports this : D..

        I have a question regarding adding new views to UDKFrontEnd:
        - I have copied udk_settings.fla to udk_options.fla.
        - in udk_assets.fla I duplicated the movie_clip settings and named it options.
        - added new view in ActionScript/blablabla/blabla/views/ folder
        - setDocumentClass to this new view in udk_options.fla
        - now when running, it works (of course it does, udk_options.fla still has the old settings movie clip in it)
        - however, copying the options:movie_clip from udk_assets.fla into udk_options.fla and using this instead of settings:movie_clip: THE VIEW DOES NOT SHOW any more..

        neither in game, nor in flash scaleform preview (when pushing the view; configured udk_manager appropriatly)

        What did I miss? How do I "import" a view/movie_clip from udk_assets.fla into a new *.fla file?
        I can't find the solution : /..

        When deleting library in udk_options.fla and copying settings into it again from udk_assets.fla: it works again... so... where is the kicker?

        Okay, just got it working by freshly duplicating the settings movie clip. When for example making the logo layer a guide layer, it oddly doesn't work any longer.. But adding new layers etc. works.