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Scaleform UI without Flash: Vectorian Giotto and FlashDevelop

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    I'm not sure what you mean, so if my button is name TestButton in action script would i have to be like

    _root.TestButton.enableInitCallback=true; ?


      Hey great looking tutorial! I couldn't find a gui and was just going to go with flash develop, but was fortunate enough to find this tutorial in a google search. I have one question though, why did you use flash develop at all? why didn't you just use the actionscript pane in Giotto to connect it to UDK!? Also have you done anything else with it and UDK?


        I think you need to get rid of the double parentheses. Try WidgetBindings.Add(WidgetName = "TestButton", WidgetClass = class'GFxCLIKWidget')

        Originally posted by NoxRequiem View Post
        Alright, so I'm using both flash develop and giotto. So far I got a png mouse working and my menu running when I start my test level.

        My main is issue is that while debugging my button that's supposed to allow me close the menu I noticed how WidgetInitialized is never being called, here is my defaultproperties code where i add the widget

        WidgetBindings.Add((WidgetName = "TestButton", WidgetClass = class'GFxCLIKWidget'))

        I was wondering if anyone has found ways around this, I've also tried the externalinterface route through my flashdevelop code to an unfortunate dead end as well.

        - is there something I can do in flashdevelop or giotto for unrealscript to know that my button is a widget or the fact that I made it a button already mean that it's a widget


          Hi can you link me to any tutorials as i cannot find any


   Not Working

            Hi there, my apologies to reawaken an old thread, but I'm having an issue and cannot pinpoint what's going wrong.

            I followed your tutorial and got the menu and cursor working great! I'm trying to make the exit button simply call a method in my UScript that exits the game.
            My actionscript:
            import flash.external.*;
            public function PreAlphaMenu() 
            		var mouseListener:Object = new Object();
            		mouseListener.onMouseMove = function ()
            			//set the cursor to the mouse position
            			_root.cursor._x = _root._xmouse;
            			_root.cursor._y = _root._ymouse;
            			_root.exitBtn.enableInitCallback = true;
            			_root.exitBtn.onPress = function()
            My Uscript:
            class GfxMainMenu extends GfxMoviePlayer;
            function ExitClicked()
            	local string command; //breakpoint here, the method never gets called and can't trace why.
            	`log("Callback Recieved");
            	command = "Exit";
            	MovieInfo=SwfMovie'PreAlphaContent.PreAlphaMenu' //This is correct, have checked countless times
            The most frustrating part is that I have no errors or warnings anywhere, the "" part just doesn't seem to want to call the Uscript method. It seems to work for a everyone else fine and I can't see where I'm going wrong.
            Awesome tutorial by the way, thank you very much

            I solved it! Actually very simple solution and can't believe I missed it haha. For anybody else that has the same issue, you have to set the "Movie Player Class" under the properties of the "Open GFx Movie" node in kismet to the custom Uscript class.




                (bookmarked as well)

                I wish there were more resources on the technique of using Vectorian Giotto and Flash Develop.
                This has been awesome! But there's still a lot I need help with and there don't seem to be many other resources.
                Anybody know where else I could look if I'd like to extend my menu?

                For instance, a button that takes you to another page within the same menu, like an 'Options' button.

                Or how I can create a HUD using these same tools. (Health bar, compass, etc.)

                Not that I want everything done for me. Not at all! On the contrary, I'd just like to see how more things are done so that I can apply those skills to other ideas and possibly have some tutorials of my own on some more advanced things, like an inventory, character creation screen and stuff. I don't know. Getting started on new programs is rough. Ha!