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Open Scaleform menu from Unrealscript

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    Open Scaleform menu from Unrealscript

    For the game I'm working on, there are several menus that need to be opened throughout the game. Think of ones like Inventory, Level Up menu, and a few others.

    I have modified the input commands so that the back button on my 360 controller has "CauseEvent Inventory", which I can then use "Console Command" event and put in "Inventory" to open and close it. I also know that I can cause an event in unrealscript with the "exec" function.

    For the Inventory, I am using the Scaleform basic inventory for now. The problem is that, since they will be accessed on several levels, I don't want to have to re-do the kismet work for each menu when it should be in Unrealscript.

    The kismet code I have is as follows, and works fine:

    The outro could be a little less abrupt, possibly the reverse of the opening, but i haven't figured the out yet =)

    So, my question is, How can/should I open a menu from Unrealscript? I'm assuming I need to edit the PlayerController that I have, just not sure what code to put in it =)

    Check in UTHUDGFXWrapper class. There lies the code to open the pause menu, scoreboard, etc.


      Perfect, thank you.

      I do have another problem though. Whenever I go to export a swf from the stock udk files, it says that "there is no property with the name 'visiblerect'."

      It leads to the HUD being too small for it's own good.