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    getting scaleform

    First off this is my first time attempting to use scaleform. I have been following one of the tutorials on the udn site and it says to do the following.

    * Run the Adobe Extension Manager CS4, located within Adobe Flash Professional, in Help > Manage Extensions.
    * Click "install" located at the top of the Launcher application's interface
    * Navigate to UnrealEngine3\Binaries\GFx\CLIK Tools
    * Choose Scaleform CLIK.mxp

    The thing is, i don't have adobe flash profressional, and after doing a quick google search it seems i can only find a trial. If it helps i am student and from what i understand some sites give the software for free.

    Can anyone help me out, sorry for asking such a silly question.

    How many times do I have to say it,not all people can afford to buy Adobe Flash !

    ScaleForm and Epic Games should also put support in for Sothink SWF Quicker.


      ah i see, i was under the impression that scaleform was included with udk. In that case does anyone know any sites in which offer a student version ?


        Scaleform is included with UDK. Adobe Flash / Sothink SWF Quicker are required to create the SWF files that Scaleform uses.

        You can buy an acedemic license right from Adobes site.