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Startup crash: Failed to get info about / package

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  • Startup crash: Failed to get info about / package

    I've been working extensively on a section of my game's flash HUD, but now once I've imported it into the UDKHUD package the game crashes on startup. I'm using the December build of UDK and have a HUD that worked perfectly before. What I have added is flash onClipEvents that fire on mouseUp and mouseMove, as well as an external call back to the uscript that fires on certain events. The only thing else that is new is using attachMovie in the actionscript to bring movie clips in the library onto the stage, but that shouldn't be a problem, surely?

    The flash HUD works perfectly when testing (I have Macromedia Flash Pro 8), the import into UDK has no issues (I import the flash file [ADVHUD.swf] into the UDKHUD package from the UDKHud folder, which apparently is necessary, and have my png images used in the .fla stored in UDKHud/ADVHUD), I save all writable packages after the import (no problems), and the uscript compiles without error. However the game crashes on startup with the following error text in the log:
    FGFxEngine::LoadMovieDef Error - failed to get info about / package/UDKHUD/ADVHUD
    FGFxEngine::LoadMovieDef Error - failed to create a movie from 'UDKHUD.ADVHUD'


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    Solved! One of my graphics in the library was accidentally set to compress as "Photo (JPEG)" rather than "Lossless (PNG)" in the properties.

    Note: UDK's reimport function does not tell you it failed to import in such a case; when I thought it was importing "perfectly" it was in fact failing.