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Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'SwfMovie ?INT?GFxUI.IME.MoviePath?'

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    Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'SwfMovie ?INT?GFxUI.IME.MoviePath?'

    recently I've been getting these warnings when running my game

    Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'SwfMovie ?INT?GFxUI.IME.MoviePath?': Failed to find object 'SwfMovie ?INT?GFxUI.IME.MoviePath?'

    [0074.10] Log: GFx attempted to load missing object [?INT?GFxUI.IME.MoviePath?]

    I also get the following warning:
    Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Font None.Times New Roman': Failed to find object 'Font None.Times New Roman'

    I am currently running the Nov '10 QA build of the UE3 engine.

    Does anyone have an idea on what may be going wrong here?

    Try adding this:


    to the file in your INT Localization directory to remove that warning. Although it should already be there.

    Also, be sure the SWF file: udk_ime is in the package UDKFrontEnd in your Content Browser.

    As for the font errors, please watch the video tutorial on embedding fonts here:


      Hm, and if it's not there? -.-

      Are we supposed to just ignore these warnings? Or can the package be downloaded somewhere including the swf? And does the package always have to be included in all releases then?


        IME stands for Input Method Editor. It is a Scaleform product for Asian language input systems. It is not necessary that it work for most of you, unless you plan to release a game to the Asian market.

        The warning shouldn't affect anything else.


          Same Warning issue here.
          I checked the and the UDKfrontEnd.upk everthing is in place. I also tried to copy the IME.swf in my own frontEnd package and updated the .int but no change still have the warning...
          I plan to distribute my game all around the world so I prefer to fix this, but how?


            Yes I can verify the same issue. How to get rid of this?


              Also just got this problem.... dunno what to do


                Actually it was unrelated to a problem I was having. Apparently it's only important if you are supporting Asian character sets.