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Error: CallMethod - 'gfxProcessSound' is not a method

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    what if,you using AS3 for this. I cant find anything, Can you please point me to a direction I can look at?

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    Do you have this at the top of your AS?

    _global.gfxExtensions = true;

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  • Error: CallMethod - 'gfxProcessSound' is not a method

    When I tried playing a sound from actionscript I get the following error:

    Error: CallMethod - 'gfxProcessSound' is not a method.

    This is the code I am using in my action script 2.0 file (ignore the fact that SoundThemeName and SoundEventName are not the correct parameters):

    if( _global.gfxProcessSound
    _global.gfxProcessSound(this, "SoundThemeName", "SoundEventName");

    I am using the September 2010 integration of GFx that is included with the Sept '10 UE3 engine.