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[Solved] Variable Change in US/Flash via Trigger. Ideas and Problems

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    [Solved] Variable Change in US/Flash via Trigger. Ideas and Problems

    I have the goal to change the value of a Flash Textfield while I touch a Trigger. I have several ideas how I could accomplish that but don't get any to work.

    Maybe someone who is more experienced can give me a hint.

    1. I could update the value of the field via UnrealScript while using:
    TextfieldValue = GetVariableObject("_root.pathtoobject");

    ->Problem: I don't know how to start a US Function and assign a variable to it from Kismet

    2. Use the Gfx SetVariable in Kismet and directly change the variable in Flash via Kismet.
    ->Problem: I found absolutely nothing about the Gfx SetVariable and how it works nor how I have to set up the Textfield or ActionScript to use a delivered Variable over SetVariable.

    3. Ignore AS and Kismet and Hardcode all possibility in a UnrealScript file.
    ->Problem: I still have to check what trigger is touched in UnrealScript

    Okay I had another idea and that finally worked. And ... it was the obvious and easiest way. I created a "invoke actionscript" element that starts on trigger touch. And it starts a function that changes the value.