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How to play next keyframe via kismet

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    How to play next keyframe via kismet

    Hi all, I'm new to working with a flash hud in UDK and hoping someone could help me with an issue.

    I'm trying to play the next frame for parts of the hud after certain events occur(current objective updated and a death count object that fills when kills are performed) by using kismet, but I can't figure out how to go about it. I know the object names in the flash file, but I don't know how to call a "play next frame" for them or something of the sort.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide on the matter.

    You'll need to use invoke actionscript to call a function in the flash file from Kismet. This function will then need to use gotoAndStop() or gotoAndPlay() to go to the appropriate frame.


      Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for asking, but could you give me an example of how that would look in the flash actionscript? I am terrible at coding.

      As for variables, the objective list is called "objectives" and the death counter is called "grail" if those are needed.


        function CallMeFromKismet()
        This assumes you have a movie clip on the _root timeline with an instance name of 'MyMovieClip'. It goes to frame 10 of that movie clip when you call the function 'CallMeFromKismet' in Kismet, using InvokeActionScript.


          Thank you again for the reply, it really helped me out


            Ok, I'm having an issue with the Kismet moving the hud to the next frame for the instances. I put the code into the root of the flash file and in Kismet I have InvokeActionscript connected to the Death event (for the kill counter) that calls the function name and is connected to the hud's movie player.

            Should there be a specific argument type I need to use or something I'm missing?

            I'm using the October version of UDK, in case something has changed.


              I would test to see if your GFx Invoke ActionScript is even firing. Put an Obj Comment and output it to the screen to see if its firing.

              Make sure the method name is correct. No arguments are needed, unless your function in ActionScript requires an argument.

              If the Invoke is firing, you need to make sure the function you are calling is indeed in the _root timeline, and not nested inside a movie clip. If it is nested, then just be sure to include that movie clip in the path of the method - for instance: _root.myMovieClip.myFunction

              I would also try calling the function that does the gotoAndPlay from within Flash on the _root to see if it does what you think it should, just as a test.