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    I'm going to guess that that is probably something he built in a prior blog entry.

    However, it doesn't look like he uses anything that is special in it, in that code. You can probably replace the two "XPawn" references with "UTPawn" and be fine ..

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  • started a topic Cooking Error

    Cooking Error

    I have some code for tracking health that I know works, but I'm getting a major error when I recook the code.

    The tutorial I'm using is:

    The error I'm getting is:
    Error, Unrecognized type 'XPawn'

    I have no idea what XPawn is referring to, but that might be because I've pulled an all-nighter and it's already 7 a.m.

    If anyone can spot the error or link me to some code that works with the October release I'd be much appreciative.