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The infamous Edge AA, usable?

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    The infamous Edge AA, usable?

    We seem to be having some issues getting graphics/movieclips display correctly. Our problem is displaying objects with thin edges. We have tried adding manual blur into the bitmap but that didn't work so well. The result was quite smudgy.

    After that we took a look att the 3D generator demo. There we saw that all the bitmaps had the checkbox "allow smoothning enabled". We checked these boxes and I think the result improved. But it's still not great. Some thin lines look really bad in movement, the problem is that the lines start to flicker.

    I read in the documentation about Scaleforms Edge AA but I couldn't figure out if this is a feature that we can use or if it's something that's enabled for everything.

    Anyone knows how this works or maybe have another workaround for our flickering issues. We can't be the only ones having this problem ( I hope ) =)