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Displaying 2D images and text on-screen

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    Displaying 2D images and text on-screen

    Hi. I'm currently developing a mini-game where the player receives a feedback from the game when an item has been picked up. In older versions of UDK I would have made something really simple with the UI tools, but it seems now that Scaleform has completely replaced everything UI.

    Now due to the simple nature of my task; displaying an image and text. Is that still possible without using Scaleform - I do not have time to learn Scaleform for this task.
    Within Kismet, I see a couple of things that suggests this:

    Maybe I have to explain the scenario:
    1. The player tries to open a chest - the chest requires a key, therefore in-game message on screen:
    "A key is required"

    2. The player finds the key and picks it up - the key a now added to a "fake" inventory, which is basically an 2D image of the key showing in the bottom left corner.

    3. The player uses the key and receives the message "Chest unlocked".

    I currently know how to set up the system in Kismet, so my only problem is showing the text and image to the player when initiated by a trigger.

    Using obj comments is really not an option because it does not allow for any customization, like how long the text is displayed.


    looks like canvas is the only alternative, hope epic dont get rid of that too :s


      Canvas still works fine in November build


        epic will never get rid of canvas.


          Thanks for the 'canvas' tip. It seems that using canvas is only achievable through scripting right? - No kismet?

          So it isn't possible to call a picture via kismet that is displayed in front of the player? It does not have to be interactive or anything...

          It's really a shame that they removed the old UI-stuff... so easy to use.