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Timing mode in pause menu

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    Timing mode in pause menu

    I've ran into some issues when creating my pause menu.

    If I want the swf file used for the pause menu to ignore the games pause events and keep on updating when everything else is paused I can use the function SetTimingMode in the GFXMoviePlayer and set it to TM_Real instead of TM_Game.

    Problem is that with TM_Real the swf file is played at a faster speed then what I specified that it should run in. And thus messing with my animations. If I am using TM_Game then the swf file won't update while the game is paused ( which it will be when the pause menu is up and running )

    So it kinda feels like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't ^^

    How have you guys solved this problem?

    As far as I know there is no problem here. The UDK front end pause menu plays at the appropriate speed, set to TM_Real. If your pause menu is playing too fast, you can always extend the animation lengths in Flash or change the document's fps.


      Ah I just found my problem!

      Apparently setting the timemode after the call to Start( ) of the affected movieclip messes with it somehow. Setting the time mode before that solved my problem.

      Makes sense that it works that way, just a bit strange the way it acted when I changed the timemode after the init call. I logged each frame to see at what speed it was updating and I got values like 16, 0 ,0 repeatedly, really strange.

      But as I said, the problem was fixed by calling SetTimingMode earlier.

      Thank you for your input though!