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    Mouse and Effect

    So I have been playin with UDK for a while now, been able to figure out all my problems through this forum and never needed to post until now. I have some things I am trying to implement into Scaleform and not sure how to do it.

    First off...I am NOT a programmer, but I have done my best to learn what I needed to know to make things work. Now with the scaleform change I wanted to get things up and rolling with my project. There are two things I am struggling with.

    The first is I want to add an animation effect on my mouse, the mouse would remain in place but their is a rune circle that will spin around the bottom edge. I think what I need to do is program that rotation into AS, but not 100% on that so if anyone has feedback on that it would be helpful.

    The other (I am not sure if this is scaleform or not, if not let me know) I want to be able to apply a rotating rune circle where the mouse is clicked (isometric game). So when the player clicks to direct the pawn, the circle will sit on the ground until the pawn reaches that point. Not really sure on implementing this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    NOTE: I am not asking for a hand out, or a tutorial to be written for me, just some advice.


    instea of the mouse, use a movieclip which follows the mouses location using startdrag("this,true"); and as for the placing the circle you would have to move an object fomr offstage to the mouselocation on click and let it stay for a time limit


      You should probably do all animations in Flash/AS in regards to the animated mouse cursor, then call them from UnrealScript as needed.

      Not sure about the ring displaying in the level, but you should probably investigate putting a skeletal mesh at that spot on the ground that plays a SWF movie.


        Great thanks for the advice guys. Ill see what I can come up with.