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    In inventoryslot.uc(which opens through flash) I see function acceptDrop. I added a trace command to that:

    trace("Dropped " + data.type + " (" + data.asset + ") !");

    When I drop an item, it is correctly tracing the asset number and type, but i tried to do a ExternalInferface.Call in the function, but it says that it can't find 'call'. I made sure that I put import flash.external.ExternalInterface; on the top, but it doesn't seem to be working. How can this code be referenced by unrealscript? I have looked all over and can't find the answer.

    Thanks for all your help.

    EDIT: The reason I want a ExternalInferface.Call is so I can call an UnrealScript function and modify armor type that is currently equipped on the player.


      Heyo guys,

      this seems to be a more active topic and Matt Doyle from Scaleform posts here as well.

      I'm trying to re-create the "Dead Space Styled" Inventory from the Tech Presentation as well, where I am really totally sure, that it was available in one of the old UDK 2010 Builds. Tried it with the May and June 2010 Builds, no luck so far. I think I will try out all UDK Builds between May 2010 and September 2010, maybe I find a Build, which has the "Dead Space Styled" Inventory working, so that I can re-create it for the UDK Feb 2012 Build and share it here.

      If you like to, you can join the "hunt" as well



        It seems like, that the UI, as it is in the newest Build, is the same as in all the 2010 Builds I tested...where did the "Dead Space" Inventory go?


          What would the code that references the drag_ type look like in Unreal? I will keep working on it until I get it, but any help or nudges would be greatly appreciated.


            Ok I figured it out, clik type CLIK_drop event is the key. Mr. Doyle how would one go about populating the movie from unrealscript? I will try to figure it out but any hints would be appreciated.



              I believe this link has the answer to my question


                I figured out the inventory system. For Anyone trying to create an inventory system with the Inventory Demo, my above posts will guide you to the correct answer. I am now able to populate the Gfx movie's slots based on the inventory of the player(from Unrealscript). I am going to create different tabs in the inventory movie for things such as potions, ingredients, armor, and weapons, so that there is enough space for everything in inventory. I will post a tutorial eventually, and a video of the system on my thread below.



                  if you manage to get the information of the clicked slot make sure to tell me (:


                    I have question about unrelascript and actionscript2, some projects use very few actionscript, everything is handled with unrealscript (data event etc).
                    At now I'm developping an inventory and I use actionscript for every event which not communicate with Unrealscript.
                    For instance Display a characteristic when the mouse rollover an ItemSlot.

                    actionscript is as well as unrealscipt ?


                      I will be uploading a video of my inventory and dialogue system soon on my thread in my signature below. I will eventually do tutorials showing how my slot-based inventory system works. I've got the inventory movie successfully populating from Unrealscript, and changing the item type(data) in the inventory movie, and calling an Unrealscript function to perform some action in the game when the system detects that something is placed in a particular slot.


                        Hi, I have to say this thread was really, REALLY helpful! I had no idea how the inventorydemo worked.
                        I have one question, though. Say I want to disable any drag-and-drop functionality because I want the items to simply fill the next available slot when they are picked up. How is that done? Do I need to edit the actual AS class, or can it be done inside the Flash file somehow?



                          I am working on implementing a system that accomplishes just what you are searching for: the next available slot is populated in the inventory movie, instead of the system I have now, which checks an array and populates the numbered slot(this is not good, because if you have 25 items checked, and you only have an item at the end of the list in your inventory, the 25th slot will be populated instead of the first, which is ok, but its not like it's supposed to be).

                          Check out my current inventory system: