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Setting focus to the Scaleform HUD

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    Setting focus to the Scaleform HUD

    I am using the September beta and here's what I want to do:

    When the user holds down the right mouse button, I want to hide the mouse cursor on my scaleform HUD and allow them to move around just like in regular ut3. When they release the right mouse button I want to set focus to the scaleform hud, show the mouse cursor, let them interact with the hud, and so on.

    I have already figured out how to only allow movement if the right mouse button is down, but the scaleform interaction has me stumped.

    My guess is I need to somehow use EndAltFire to set the focus to the HUD and then in the Scaleform actionscript trap the right mouse down to then fire a message to unrealscript telling it to take focus away from the hud.

    The thing is I can't seem to find any methods, etc that does a set focus.

    Any help appreciated.