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How to get rid of "unavailable text" errors in supplied .fla?

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    How to get rid of "unavailable text" errors in supplied .fla?

    Every time that I open any supplied fla from the UDK hud or examples, I get errors concerning the texts used in them.

    I have a feeling that understanding the solution to this would help solve my "giant boxes instead of text" issue. Not to mention, it would be nice for there to be any kind of use for the fonts_en.fla

    Can someone from Epic please provide the link we need between our own scaleform work and that provided us by the source?

    i agree the examples are bewildering to say the least
    as far as i can tell, the hud movie has other movies to display things
    the giant boxes (i think) are placeholders for the other movies
    who knows though, theres not much info about any of it yet

    lets hope someone does the same for scaleform as has been done for the camera
    simple functional and working examples with explinations is what we need

    how does the log and message bit work? (for example)

    i had a look at udkmenu, didnt change anything, published from flash, imported to udk, and the whole thing dont work now!


      That's exactly what I'm talking about. There's a gap between what we can accomplish by hobbling some things together, and the way they've accomplished their UI.

      I think a lot of the reason that scenarios like you described happen is because of the fonts (and possibly because you didn't publish some .flas that the one you did publish depended on). If I knew how to make flash "aware" (for lack of a better word) of the fonts used in the examples, it would go a great way towards solving my problem.

      Of course, then there's the entirely different problem I have, wherein I use a custom text, and if I don't set the string in code, it displays, but when I do set the string, all I get is boxes. Sigh.


        theres a thread somewhere about embedding the font
        you would have to make a new embedded font and replace the fonts with the errors
        of course im only guessing here