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Do we have access to the SDK Browser?

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    Do we have access to the SDK Browser?

    Hey, been watching the scaleformpress CLIK tutorials, and adapting them to what I need. Thanks a million for that.

    What I'm wondering is: In many of your videos, we see you using the (judging by the window title) ScaleForm SDK Browser. I'm wondering if we get access to that in UDK?

    Also, please hurry and figure out your academic licenses, because I was denied evaluation of the full ScaleForm trial on the basis of you not dealing with academic usage, and it's unfortunate. I was planning on proposing to my professor as well as the "Human-Computer Interaction" guys that the school purchase a license.

    Now I can't.

    No, you dont. For the millionth time (literally) UDK DOES NOT INCLUDE the full source code. You were denied access because you need the full version of Unreal Engine 3 to take advantage of it. It costs around $500,000 to purchase UE3, and that's just the engine. On top of that you will need to sign NDA's, and your school would be seriously screwed if you breached it.

    The ScaleForm that is included with UDK is just fine. The only thing that it does not include is the ScaleForm Movie. Use that, and then go to your professor, show he/she what you created, and explain on why you would like the full version.


      Look, I'm sure 400 people have asked that, but there's no need to berate me. Not having access to the source code does not necessarily mean we wouldn't be able to access the browser. Given the enormous support Mr. Doyle has given to the community, I thought perhaps there was a scaled down version showcasing only what UDK users can implement.

      Having a demo tool like that to show a prospective client would expedite the chances of my school purchasing it as a tool.

      /thread, obviously. But there should be some note stickied which specifically states that we don't have access to the browser swf


        i dont think so man having that access wouldnt be fair to the ppl who have the actual license