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Closing GFx Movie

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    Closing GFx Movie

    Hi all,

    This is probably a stupid question but how do you close a GFx movie? I can open it via a trigger but I can't seem to close it.

    At the end of my GFx movie, in the action script I placed:

    I made a FSCommand node in Kismet and inserted the stopmovie command into its FSCommand properties. I then linked that FSCommand node into a Close GFx Movie node and in its properties I made, I made a new target and in the newly made slot I inserted the reference to the GFx movie (which I copied paste from the Open GFx Movie node).

    But when the movie plays, once it stops, it doesn't close the GFx movie. I know it successfully calls that FSCommand because I linked it to toggle my flashlight, which it does after the movie stops.

    But for some reason it won't close the GFx movie. What am I doing wrong?

    Hmm... well I got it to work. I attached an empty object on the Play GFx Movie's "Movie Player" tab and attached that empty object into the Close GFx Movie's "Movie Player" tab.

    So once my movie finishes, it calls the FsCommand and it closes the movie.

    HOWEVER! I get these messages:

    Kismet Warning: Obj UTBot_6 has no handler for SeqAct_ToggleCinematicMode_0
    Kismet Warning: Obj UTBot_7 has no handler for SeqAct_ToggleCinematicMode_0
    Kismet Warning: Obj UTBot_8 has no handler for SeqAct_ToggleCinematicMode_0
    Kismet Warning: Obj BouncingBall has no handler for GFxAction_CloseMovie_0

    My SWF movie file is called BouncingBall.

    For the Toggle Cinematic node I have in Kismet, I don't see a problem with it. I attached the "All Players" variable into its Target tab.


      I managed to fix the first 3 errors.

      I attached an Empty Object variable that is suppose to be the actual player rather than using All Players/Player 0 variable.

      However I can't figure out how to fix the last error since it is referencing a SWF movie.


        AH I fixed the last one hurray!

        I just had to delete the target movie inside the Close GFx Movie since I connected its Movie Player to an empty object that is also connected to a Play GFx Movie's Movie Player.


          lol glad to see you solved it.