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How do I link GFx scenes together?

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    How do I link GFx scenes together?


    I've been working with flash for a little while now, but there is something I don't understand..

    In the UDK package "UDKFrontEnd", I notice that there are many .swf files, but they all reference the "udk_assets.swf" and only that file, then each one is loaded on top of each other later in code..

    I'm wondering how you actually setup your .swf files to be linked in this manner?

    Currently I have to make all different scenes in one .swf then hide and unhide the layers, but this is horrible, and both My asset .swf file and my scene file load the same content, how would I make my scene file only load data from my asset file?, is this possible?..

    The UDK's UI is setup like this so it must be possible...

    Any help would be appreciated..

    You'll want to read this section on resource sharing on UDN to get you started. -


      Aha!, great!, it works now, I can't believe I missed that part, thanks!.

      And I thought it would be something difficult..

      I have another question though:

      How do you actually implement more than one scene at once, I know you can use the UILoader class to do this..

      But in the UDK GFx source files there is mention of a file which is used.. I know this is in the UDK UI Example files, but whenever a follow a link to the downloads it actually takes me to the page where it talks about them..

      Are the files not released to the public or am I stupidly missing something?..

      Being able to look at that class would help a lot, but I can probably make my own subclass of UILoader to handle the functionality if it's not possible..

      BTW, I think it's great what you guys at Scaleform are doing, this is really going to improve the quality of game UI's, if people use it properly...


        The files are available here:

        Just look down toward the bottom - You'll see August QA Release, and 11 links to grab all the files.

        There are many ways you could do your menus. You could do them all in one file, or as separate files. And how you load them in can vary as well. It all depends upon your approach. In our UDK sample, we used a manager to load the various menu files in one at a time, and add them to a view manager stack.


          Ah, I see, much thanks, I figured the QA links were something else, guess I should have looked first...

          This'll really clear things up now!, I can't wait to get this thing running how I want!..

          I'll have to experiment with various methods to see which works best for me, but i'll probably use the separate file stacking method. I'm used to, and prefer working on independent files and it'll make it easier to streamline my scenes, I think...

          Thanks for the help, hopefully I wont have to bother you again..


            I have to say the UDK example is nice and clean. Seperation of code is always a good thing (unless your lost in scope). You can tell theres been a lot of planning behind the programatic methodology.