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Scaleform Fonts

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  • Scaleform Fonts

    Ive been fighting this thing for forever. I cannot get dynamic textfields to render properly in game. They render fine when I test them via FxMediaPlayer but once in game, I see boxes where text should be. I have searched and searched and this has also been a problem for others. I can make a dynamic text field and set text for it. That will display, but once it is changed with code - both using uscript or as2, the boxes appear.

    I have added a font class via the library. I have exported it for actionscript. I have set my textfields to embed and selected All glyphs. I have tried to manually set embedFonts = true via actionscript. Nothing I do helps. I have followed multiple tutorials on embedding fonts in AS2 and Flash.

    Any ideas?

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    If you are using Adobe, you need to select the embedded font for the field ( font selection, you should see your embedded font in the list ) not the font itself.


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      I add a new font titled UDK which links to the Arial font with Identifier UDK. I go to the textbox in my movieclip and set the font to UDK*, the asterisk showing that it is a font from the library. Ive done this and Im still just getting boxes. Thanks for the reply though.


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        Unfortunately my Adobe trial expired and I bought SWF Quicker so I can't test, but I do know I made 3 different flash files and they all worked. The first 1 had the exact same problem initially that you're describing. I know whatever I did, it shut up the warnings about having to embed the font when publishing it ( you are probably seeing these ).


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          hmmm...i havent seen one warning about embedded fonts...time to investigate!


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            alright I figured it out. It has something to do with bold fonts. Once I made all my text fields normal everything worked properly. I knew it was something small, I just couldnt find it. I do know however that you are suppose to embed bold, italic, and normal fonts separately so. Either way...SOLVED


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              Bringing up an old thread here. I also do have problems with bold fonts. I want my font to be bold+italic, but it only works if I set it to regular or black. If I change back and forth in the embed options, things work as soon as I click regular and stop working (as in showing small boxes for all characters) as soon as I click bold and/or italic. I have tried a couple of different fonts with the same outcome.

              Is there any solution to this problem or are we stuck with regular fonts for now?


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                Please watch the Font video tutorial for detailed information on using Fonts in UDK.


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                  Originally posted by Matt Doyle View Post
                  Please watch the Font video tutorial for detailed information on using Fonts in UDK.
                  Thank you.

                  Edit. This one? Clicky


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                    That's the one.


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                      I've watched through the movie and studied the three different kinds of font integration. Unfortunately I'm afraid it didn't really explain why character style such as bold and italic cannot be used (or better yet, what has to be done to make it work). In the third way, the font name was named $BoldFont but you never made it bold (despite it being the elephant font, hehe) in the meaning it had the bold attribute selected.

                      This might just be me sitting too long without a coffee break here though? I don't know.


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                        Interesting. Well, I'm not sure why it's not working for you. I just did a test to confirm it works.

                        I have 3 dynamic text fields.
                        • Field 1 is set to Times New Roman - Style: Italic
                        • Field 2 is set to Times New Roman - Style: Bold
                        • Field 3 is set to Times New Roman - Style: Regular

                        All three fields have Basic Latin fonts embedded.

                        Works as expected in UDK.


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                          After some more testing:

                          If I put a dynamic text field in there, and write some default text in it (inside Flash), and export it. Reimport in UDK and save package. Voila, the text shows up as it should be, regardless of font or style. (ie recreating your example above)

                          However, in my case I make use of the field being a dynamic field. In the code, the field gets updated (it's basically a timer, ticking 00:00, 00:01, 00:02 and so on). I use method 1 in your video and the timer works perfects with any font as long as it's regular (or black.. surprisingly...). But the second I go into "embed" and set the italic or bold property on the embeded font, save, export, reimport, save, run... the textfield shows up as empty boxes.

                          Sorry I forgot to mention the field being updated, but I still feel it shouldn't really matter since it works with some styles.


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                            Try typing some default text in the field and see what happens. Like type: 00:00 or something in it. It should still update even though you've typed into it in the IDE.

                            If it doesn't work, it could be a bug in the integration.


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                              Try disabling html text on the text field (Render text as HTML). It appears that html text fields do not accept styling when set dynamically from UnrealScript. I'm not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug. I'll have to talk with our UDK developer tomorrow.