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Using Scaleform in UDK Five Part Tutorial

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    here's hoping

    thanks in advance


      Indeed. Thanks for the tutorials!


        AWESOME! I bought myself Adobe Flash Pro CS5 to make use of Scale form and to broaden my Skill set. these will be very helpful in the future when I make more and more advanced UDK projects.

        Thank you...


          Loving your enthusiasm Mr. Doyle, thanks for all your hard work.


            I don't know if it's you (Matt Doyle) who can do this, but somebody should update the link to the video here too:


              Originally posted by Matt Doyle View Post
              • Functional options menu (this was already on the plate)
              • List CLIK widgets via UnrealScript
              These would be great, there's very little documentation (that I can find) regarding the unrealscript-side of CLIK interaction. For example, how to I get/set the value of dropdown menus or checkboxes in unrealscript?


                The following UnrealScript would work to get the value of a checkbox, assuming your checkbox has an instance name in Flash of 'aCheckBox' and assuming you're using a CLIK widget for that checkbox:

                Getting a Checkbox's Value

                var GFxClikWidget MyCheckBox;
                var bool MyOption;
                event bool WidgetInitialized(name WidgetName, name WidgetPath, GFxObject Widget)
                        case ('aCheckBox'):
                            MyCheckBox = GFxClikWidget(Widget);
                            MyCheckBox.AddEventListener('CLIK_select', OnMyCheckBoxChange);
                    return true;
                function OnMyCheckBoxChange(GFxClikWidget.EventData ev) {
                    MyOption = bool(MyCheckBox.GetString("_selected"));
                This will return true or false, though it will return undefined at first unless you specify the checkbox's value in UnrealScript and/or ActionScript first as true or false.

                NOTE: While you could use CLIK_press as the event to listen for, this would yield the previous state of the checkbox and not the current state. CLIK_select ensures you get the current state of the checkbox AFTER the user pressed the checkbox button.

                Setting a Checkbox's Value

                To set a checkbox from UnrealScript:

                SetMyCheckBox(true); // or false
                function SetMyCheckBox(bool b) {
                In ActionScript, you should have the following code:

                function SetMyCheckBox(checked:Boolean) {
                    aCheckBox.selected = checked;


                  Cool, thanks! I will give that a try.

                  Edit[1] can I use GetBool instead of GetString?
                  Edit[2] nevermind, I tested it myself and it works

                  Edit[3] also, as an FYI, I can set the checkbox purely through unrealscript if I use:
                      MyCheckBox.SetBool("selected", MyBooleanVlaue);


                    I don't see why not. Give it a try. By the way, I made some adjustments to the code. So you should refresh the post and read the code again.


                      Ok. So after tons of researchI cant seem to find the 3Di functionality for UDK. I have the august build but is scaleform 3.2+ not available to UDK Users? The reason i ask is because I want to use it to build my main menu for the game me and my Class mates are building for our project for school. I have tried to register at scaleform and am not able to due to my email being a public address.

                      Please if anyone can help me figure this out i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!




                        The video on it is here:


                          in the videos you refer to the 'getting started with click document'
                          where is this?


                            Please be aware that most of our documents are only available to licensees of GFx. The videos were originally created for licensees as well, but we have released them to the public to help you guys out.


                              looking forward to the settings menu vid matt - my team want to beat me for not having one implemented yet!


                                Hi there!,
                                these videos seem extremely helpfull, really!.

                                I´ve a got a basic plain flash menu setup with only one button invoking an FScommand to load a map...

                                Id like to ask if the following assumption is correct:

                                - If I follow the Getting started with CLIK videos to setup a menu using those components, I could later use the 3Di extensions to rotate those same components and convert that menu into the same one but in 3D perspective?

                                Thanks for all the help, cant wait to get home to try some stuff out with this and get on the road with the menu for my game!