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basic scaleform menu problem

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    basic scaleform menu problem

    hi i was creating a basic scaleform menu for my game but i got one problem when trying to call a unrealscript function from the flash file

    this is what im using to call the function

    case "New Game":"FlashToConsole,open MG-MyGameMainMenu2backup");

    but after i import it to udk add the kismet sequence what open the gfx movie it shows perfect but when i click on the New Game button nothing happends

    i have alredy try it on the scaleform launcher in adobe flash editor cs4 and when i click on the button it say

    Callback! open MG-MyGameMainMenu2_backup, nargs = 0

    and yes i have read the udn tutorial about scaleform so plz help

    and"FlashToConsole,open MG-MyGameMainMenu2backup"); this is the function what im using to open my map and i have alredy assigned it to the New Game button

    PD: if i write someting wrong is becouse MY FIRST LENGUAGE IS NOT ENGLISH

    Duno if your still having a problem, but are you running from editor? Cause the "open" consol command doesn't work if you are just testing the map through play in editor.


      ohhhh so i had to open the map via unreal fronted to make the command work?

      well i start the map on unreal fronted but it dont work but if i write the command in the console it works


        Your syntax is wrong

        ("FlashToConsole","open YourLevelNameGoesHere");


          Hey I'm having the same problem and my syntax seems to be corrrect.

          import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

          function OpenOptionsScreen()

          function StartNewGame()
"FlashtoConsole", "open Prison_Prototype_3");

          function ExitGame()

          NewGame_mc.addEventListener("click",this,"StartNew Game");
          OptionsButton.addEventListener("click",this,"OpenO ptionsScreen");
          NewGame_mc.focused = true;



            I got my start menu button work via a round about unrealscipt method. I would much rather work in actionscript primarily. Let me know if somethings wrong with my flashtoconsole commands....


              To be able to help you, we need more information. What is your UnrealScript? The External Interface calls must be intercepted by UnrealScript. I assume you have:

              1. An UnrealScript class for this SWF that extends GFxMoviePlayer
              2. A function in UnrealScript called 'FlashtoConsole' that expects a single parameter.
              3. This function fires off a console command using the parameter.

              Does that sound right?