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Scaleform UI to be included with UDK! (UPDATED)

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    If I make such videos I write some text before I start recording my voice. Otherwise I forget too much.


      I did so, but in a notebook. I don't plan on transcribing it to the pc, but I can insert chapter links in the description of the video so you can skip to specific parts at any time.


        That would be a fantastic help


          im not sure if im understanding this correctally or not.

          does this mean we can use the current Scaleform integration with UDK to release free games (such as a 2d platformer, distributed for free thru the internet using a scaleform HuD/Invent made in flash) or does it mean, if i wanted to do that id have to buy a dev liscece from those cheeky guys at scaleform


            Scaleform is a way to integrate flash into the game. Many games use it for the GUI, much like Borderlands did.


              aye i understand that, but what i mean is, if i use a *.swf file as my Invent screen or HuD, do i then need to pay the guys who created the integration, or pay epic an additional fee, or, if the games released for free do i pay nothing


                The Scaleform GFx license is included at no cost for all UE3 licensees and UDK users (both commercial and non-commercial).

                What's Included:

                * GFx runtime player with 3Di rendering (Flash 8 currently supported, Flash 10 coming soon)
                * CLIK Flash UI Framework
                * Scaleform IME for Asian language chat support
                * AMP profiler for performance and memory
                * Game UI samples - HUD, menu, 3d inventory, and loading screen
                * Docs, videos, and demos

                What's NOT Included:

                * Scaleform Video is NOT included with UE3 and UDK, but is available upon request for UE3 source licensees that would like integrated Flash Video support. Licensees that are interested in Scaleform Video should contact Scaleform directly at Note that Scaleform Video is not available to UDK users, since the UDK is a pre-built binary runtime.
                * Content authoring tools. You will need some method of authoring Adobe Flash compatible content. Scaleform provides official support for content produced by the Adobe Flash toolset, which is included as part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Alternative tools, such as Sothink SWF Quicker, are also available, but are not officially supported by Scaleform.


                  Very glad!

                  Still getting used to Scaleform but it is awesome! Glad to see that udk is always on top of the next awesome thing and very happy to see the Scaleform guys join the team


                    who said this:

                    My understanding of the first post concerning implementation of the scaleform

                    is that even though its free to use, WE CAN NOT use it in commercial games

                    UNLESS we buy an Epic license. If this is the case, then the general principle of

                    the 25% royalty pay only AFTER $5000 has been made no longer exists

                    UNLESS you own a license - in other words, no indie can create commercial

                    games without spending money [that they probably don't have] on an Epic

                    license. I really hope that I am wrong, because the very idea itself is a

                    complete 180 degree turn from the hope that Epic has instilled in many indie

                    developers. This is not to say that free usage of the engine is a great prospect

                    for creating a game for your portfolio, but if my understanding is correct, I

                    would be very disappointed with Epic. I hope that having just woke up has

                    impaired my ability to comprehend what was written, and that I am dead wrong.

                    i just got email about it i dont see it lmfao


                      i believe you have a cut down version of the scaleform ui with the udk.

                      what you do not get is the ability to embed movie files into your flash. I think this is for licensees only. but im not epic so read up on it


                        I'm using the tutorial that was linked from the forums here
                        the needed files apparently do not come with the UDK version of Scaleform GFx. You have to buy the full GFx Click program to get them. How lame is that. I don't think it is right that companies claim a products is free but don't bother to mention you have to buy add-ons to gain full functionality (after you installed it) thats why people still use the pirate bay.


                          Looks like they are there for me ... Which files are you referring to?



                            I'm using the Nov 2010 version there is no C:UDK/UDK-2010-11/Binaries/GFX/resources folder or any files listed in said video. So i am forced to assume that the folder and files only come in a full install of Scaleforms GFx.

                            What version are you using Blade[UG] or please list the location of where you accessed the files. thank you


                              I didn't go through the whole video, assumed it was the same thing as the document that tells how to configure things. Which files are you looking for? And is that video specifically for UDK, or is it scaleform in general?