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    apex clothing

    i have the same problem as this man in this thread

    i'm using apex maya plugin 1.2.1 and uudk 2015

    It is simple to fix, since you have the compatible version of Apex, Lab or plug-in maya, with UDK version. Do the exact steps:
    1-When import your Apex cloth, blank to none the material in Apex editor, clicking in Apex file. Don't touch anything else.
    2-In the material mesh you will apply Apex, set UsedWithApexMeshes in Usage, material editor.
    3-Open or AnimSet, not the SkeletalMesh, editor. Set on Use Clothing Asset Material.
    4-Still on animSet editor, go to Materials, check all your materials is using Apex and remember the id number of your material on their right. For example, if you have a hair mesh material in the channel 4[4], remember this number.
    5-Go to Content Browser and select the Apex file. Don't touch anything on it yet.
    6-In AnimSet editor, go to Clothing Assets, id[0] and sign in the material Apex mesh are using.
    7-Some part of the mesh will disappear. Don't worry. Still in the AnimSet editor, go to Clothing Lod Map, open the Clothing Lod Info and expand it until see Clothing Section Info. In there, set in the id material number of your mesh with Apex applied material. Taking the example I gave, the number [4]. The mesh will show everything, but the mesh with apex will be in default material.
    8-Go to Apex Editor, clicking in Apex file, go to Material, select the material you did to your mesh or part with Apex and apply here.
    And... it's ready.

    Yep, it is almost a 'ritual' and if you don't follow the right steps in the exact order, UDK will crash.


      Thanks AmyP as I'll be giving Apex a try on some of my models. I haven't seen a step-by-step like this previously and they are most important to getting something to work. I arrived at a similar step-by-step list with morph targets - writing a list for myself because go away/come back I forget the steps order
      Thanks again!

      Edit: Went through the process in Maya, but I don't have the corrrect Maya Plugin so the export was broken and on import crashed UDK. Maya won't look at the older plugins, means I'll have to use an older Maya. Although honestly as my soldiers have fairly short hair and I only wanted a few hair fronds waving around on my soldier women I'll leave it. But up to the point of import to UDK the simulation was going well lol.