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Staticmesh Lighting problems at texture seams

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    No, empty normal map changes nothing about the problem.
    0,0,1 "fixes" it, because it removes the normal. Not using a normal at all also "fixes" it, but it looks bad without it.

    And I tried what you just said:

    The modeler does his stuff in maya. I tried loading it into max and exporting it from there, but it changed nothing. Same result.


      Could I send the model and files to someone to look into it?


        I'm not at my gamedev computer right now. But if you want to host the files somewhere and then PM me with the location, I can take a look after work.

        Did you also rebuild the normal map from the high-poly version?


          after changing the normalmap compression did you rebuild the shader? usually it's needed as well (unless, like I said, you use a NormalParameter instead of a Param2D)
          if you upload the files somewhere I could also take a look myself, anytime next week

          @Nathaniel: it's probably not a high-lowpoly baking problem either, as it happens with a purely neutral normalmap as well.


            btw multiplying with 1,-1,1 wouldn't do it either. if it's indeed a flipped channel problem, the right one would be leaving R and B as they are, and using the OneMinus for the Green channel only


              Nathaniel, no, I'm not fluent enough with max to do that.

              I'm sending the file to both of you now via private message.


                Click image for larger version

Name:	cliff.jpg
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ID:	3251085

                Dude, I don't know what went wrong for you, but it worked first time for me. I just imported the fbx exactly as you sent it. (This particular instance of static mesh is scaled up 20x though.) I went into Photoshop and quick exported the psd files as png, imported them, and plugged them into the material. Nothing special there:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	cliff_mat.jpg
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ID:	3251086

                I built the lighting on medium quality and I think everything turned out OK.


                  I think I just PMed you back with a link to download the upk file, but I don't see it in my sent messages. Let me know if you want me to send it to you again. Good luck with the import. That was a really strange problem you ran into.


                    I got it, but the download website asks for a key.

                    I'm super curious to see it!


                      OK, sent you the key. I think that should work now.


                        Thank you a lot!
                        I'm really relieved now!

                        I could compare what is different and noticed when I use your normalmap in my material+mesh it works right.

                        I found out: I have to set the compression settings to "tc_normalmapUncompressed" DURING import. Changing it afterwards doesn't solve the problem! I guess I did the recompilation wrong that chosker was talking about. How should this recompilation be done? It was not about recompiling the material but the normal map texture.

                        Thanks Nathaniel! <3


                          Now I have a related problem:

                          When I place the mesh in the map it's all smooth:

                          When I build lighting it starts having sharp edges and the lighting is not pretty anymore:

                          Any idea why this happens and how to prevent it?


                            Nathaniel, this also happens with the assets you imported:


                              I know UDK sometimes causes lighting errors of you don't have two uv channels one for diffuse and one for shadows. Idk if that helps or not.

                              IGN: CoasterSky


                                These exist, as discussed above.