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Mapping materials to Landscape?

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    Mapping materials to Landscape?

    Hey gang! So, I'm learning to love the Landscape tool in all ways except for one: I'm trying to map a checker board-style material to the Landscape, but when I make steep slopes out of the landscape I end up with this:

    As you can also see, materials look great when they're on flat ground, but as soon as you try to make slopes the materials stretch and distort. Are there any mapping options for Landscapes that can make these textures look nice, even on steep slopes like these?

    Much appreciated, guys!

    The only way I know is to use a different texture and then scale that texture to suit cliff faces -other stretched areas- probably hide any stretch join flat to face with rocks/bushes. You'll find the scaling option in the Landscape tool.


      I'm afraid that's how heightmaps work. For such steep cliffs you should use a static mesh to cover it.
      Like in Farcry 4 the whole environment is done with heightmaps, but these cliffs are covered with meshes:


        you can use the world aligned mapping function for that. there's a few threads covering it


          I'm not sure if 3D texture projection is the same thing Chosker is talking about, but that's the solution I know:

          I just tried to insert the picture file here, but the forum says the file is too big. But click that link, go to my website, and you'll see what I did. And over here is what set me in the right direction: