Hello all, I am trying to use a texturing trick that involves using a second UV channel as a texture masking channel. The purpose of this is to save on using multiple materials on a single object and giving you a larger space for texturing. This has worked for me in the past several of times, using 1:1 ratio textures and not needing to export the model with a textured material from 3ds Max. However, this time, my textures are in 1:2 ratio, and I first came upon a problem with the texture mask not lining up to my model when importing the model into UDK and unticked include materials and textures. I have checked and double checked my UV's, by also importing the FBX into Blender, which everything lines up in Blender. Afterwards, I then tried exporting the model from 3ds Max with a textured material, and lo-in-behold, it lines up in UDK. To make things odder, when applying the old imported texture onto the new model, it does not lineup again. So apparently, it is not my UV's, but I do not understand why it works when I import the model with a textured material and not when the model is imported with no materials or textures applied to it? I have compared both textures in Photoshop and neither of them are a pixel different. So I am wandering, when I decide to import models with no textures, have I missed a setting when importing non-uniformed (not in 1:1 ratio) textures in UDK? I tried my best looking at the properties and comparing the 2 textures, but I cannot find anything different about them.