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UDK Water material without reflective capacity

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    UDK Water material without reflective capacity

    With my version there is a material call M_UN_Liquid_BSP_BlueWater_02, as far as I know it is a material that come in default with any version of UDK.

    I really like the way the material deform everything we see through and how it look, but it seem to have reflective properties, someting that could be cool but I'd prefer to avoid for my present project. The problem is I dont know what cause this reflective properties, I tried to look into the material and it seem pretty simple and I really wanna know how to avoid the reflective properties of this particular material


    Not 100% sure what you mean. Just leave the reflective section out?

    My water isn't reflective either because I can't get it to look right. Always has the cling film effect - maybe I should work harder on going through every possible setting while staying sane, good mental discipline muha.

    So mine isn't reflective and it's ok because it isn't a major feature in my maps.

    I use: 1/ a water volume. 2/ a 'plane' static mesh with the water texture. 3/ A postProcess volume for underneath the water.