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Imported Guns Doesnt Appear In Game

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    Imported Guns Doesnt Appear In Game

    hi guys , im having some issues with my guns.
    first most of them when i put the scheletal mesh and run the game the gun shots but i dont see the gun.
    im having trouble scripting a sniper can someone show where i can see a script for a sniper please ?
    the last problem is the sound it gives me always an error when i try to import the wave file

    Can't see your gun: check in your UDK browser that the skeletal gun is aiming in the X direction. Also that it's fairly central. Check the gun's scale because in a 3d program skeletal meshes have to be HUGE for UDK -- compared to static meshes which are relatively small. You can scale up/down in code, but I've found scaling up like 10 times or so I've had lighting issues. Eventually I redid and huge is good and all is cool.

    Script for sniper weapon. <-reload and aim code

    Also check out these people - their code is excellent, but if you want their code you'll need to drop them a few quid as a donation.


    Make sure their are no spaces in sound names, eg: Gun Sound.wav is wrong --- but must be for UDK: GunSound.wav or Gun_Sound.wav ------ no spaces!

    My sounds are all:
    frequency: 44100,
    2 channels
    and 16bit.

    If you use those settings sounds will work. Although you can have 1 channel and I think 8bit is ok too, but whereas UT2004 was ok with non-stereo, in UDK I notice that non-stereo is non-stereo so now I use 2 channels always.

    Bringing your sounds into a SoundCue in UDK I suggest you add attenuation. Also a modulator if you want to increase/decrease volume.


      tks im going to try all of that , i think the problem with the guns is that they were downloaded so aybe they have wrong size and are upside down


        check that the guns are facing the right direction. In the editor