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Blender Collision for UDK

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    Blender Collision for UDK

    I'm making a race track on blender and I copy and past the whole race track and name "Track" (the copied one) to "UCX_Track". When Import into UDK and see the collision I see none, and when I put the model into the engine my car falls through this.

    I spent some time making the track, and I do wish to use it in my project. Anyone know why the collision isn't working?

    Is it one combined mesh or is it in parts?


      @ reverrb : well, it has to be separated, if you join one to another, the other one is erased.

      I post here because I have a problem too : the colisions I make on blender are NOT imported, and are repalced by the game engine collissions ; it prevents me to work on complex collisions.

      I have this model for example. The UCX is set nicely but when I import it's a plain cylinder, and I can't enter the room.
      I've tried to set the UCX model in the sub section of the 3D model, but it's the same as separated.

      Any clues ?


        you can use per poly collision on static meshes and it works perfectly.

        open the mesh in the staticmesh viewer and set it as follows.

        use full presicion uv's = true
        use simple box collision = false
        use simple line collision = false
        use simple rigid body collision = false


          Thanks Gaz ! I found the option in the Static Mesh viewer :

          Collision complexity : Use Complex Collision (per poly) As Simple

          Moynzy, you should try this.