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Modeling a sword

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    Modeling a sword

    Hey guys, I finished modeling a simple sword in 3ds max and did some tweaks in blender. Hovewer, I am not satisfied with few things on model nad therefore I would like to know how you model medieval weapons (if you do). I am fine with booth blender and 3ds max. I post pic below with what I am not satisfied with.

    On the image left you can see model inside blender. The middle part of sword is planar and one display just fine inside zbrush and the other side, altought its copy got these weird typology going on. Any ideas what should I do with it ?

    The second problem is the sword top. I ve ben playing around for 3 hours with that part but didnt got desired result. How do you usually create top of the sword ?

    Like most other stuff, vehicle, human, monsters and swords I make half of it, then duplicate and join it so it's the same on both sides. (yes I use an ancient blender version!).

    But maybe you mean the weird folding effect you've got going at the point? Have you duplicated the verts there... Maybe you haven't smoothed? Probably it's just the angle, such that you can't have a consistent line of flats and that's the result.
    What I would try (on the orange pic) going up from the flat to the tip, merge every vert from the flat to the tip. That is: leaving the flat alone, merge the verts to the tip to try and lose that bumpy effect. Or even try just one vert between flat and point so there's some sideways curve. But the outside curve is obviously nice, so you can't really take many verts from that... maybe a couple... ^^

    btw you have a massive amount of verts. The sword handle curve guard piece, I'd be using basically 3 joined boxes, and the handle itself no verts between start and finish but that's me, not you

    This sword, 161 tris, 105 verts (and is working UDK):


      Solved, thanks for your help Snipe34


        YW, show us all a pic of your work when you have time.