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Can i import a collision model into PhysX lab too?

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    Can i import a collision model into PhysX lab too?


    I made some APEX Destructible Asset an it works pretty well. Here is a Video so that you know what model I am talking about. (Its just a simple front wall of a building for testing and it is far away from looking perfect/good) And my question is: Can i import a collision model into PhysX lab too?
    (I use Physix Lab V1.1.102.1(Beta) APEX SDK V 1.2.3 (BETA) to be able to use it with UDK-2014-08 (a higher version gives me a Import failed error in UDK))

    The collision model that generated by PhysX lab is ether to complex/expensive or to simple. That mean if i try to shot trough the windows it still hits the object and break the object. I try to export it like i do for UDK. (Make a collision box object and give it the same name as the visible mesh and add the UCX_ prefix to the name)
    But if i import it in PhysX the wall lies flat on the ground and you can see that it made out of two objects that are on the same position, strange. Without exporting the collision object it works well and the wall stands upright. Importing the same two objects in UDK (the visible mesh and the collision mesh) works and i see my collision in Unreal Static Mesh Editor like it should be.

    My only solution at the moment is to split the mesh into several parts to bypass the strange "one box for the whole mesh" problem. Otherwise i will not be able to walk through the door or the supported metal structure under the concrete. ):

    Thanks in advance,

    Caeon Aximand

    With UDK you dont need a collision model.

    Go to the "Unreal Static Mesh Editor" and make sure the three boxes are unchecked
    Use Simple Box Collision
    Use Simple Line Collision
    Use Simple Rigid Body Collision