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    Vertex painting help

    Hey guys, I am following this video to achieve vertex painting, however it doesnt work for me and I have no idea why. I include 2 pics of my materials, booth without and with vertex setup.

    Video I am following:

    Material without vertex nodes

    This one is set up with vertex and should work, but it doesnt.

    I ve tried to change rgb mode, paint over my mesh, fooling around with colors but it does nothing. As if it wouldnt be connected or something.

    Edit: Yes, I ve noticed I used wrong node "ParamVector", but even after using "VertexColor" the issue is the same

    if you download the modular mesh pack from my website,it contains a vertex enabled material and mesh.


      wow Filip5, that looks very complex


        The important pieces in the first image for vertex painting are:

        LinearInterpolate (Lerp)
        the two Texture Samples - which are what I'll paint between on the mesh in my UDK map.
        the Vertex Color - as alpha, mine is plugged to Red output.

        The other settings are for shine bump etc and can be ignored for vertex painting. Also it's not Grass/Rock on the mesh, but it's exactly the same setup. For a new Lerp setup I just duplicate the Material and change the textures.

        In UDK, two pics with two settings - one to paint grass, one to paint on mud. When you hover over a vertex, you should see a small white dot - a vertex. And obviously to have lots of variations on your mesh you need lots of vertexes.