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whats the best way to prepare meshes for vertex painting?

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    whats the best way to prepare meshes for vertex painting?

    I have hundreds of static meshes that I want to vertex paint on, but they have big flat faces where there arent enough vertices for painting in detail.

    I tried tessellation in 3ds max, but its messy and adds hundreds of polys to the smaller faces which I dont need.

    Seems like what I need is a script that automatically slices in all three X, Y, Z orientations, by a uniform grid, without detatching all the pieces to separate objects.

    I thought surely such a script would exist but GridSlicer, MultiSlicer, SliceMulti, SimpleSlice, all don't meet the criteria

    Is there a UDK feature for this that im missing? is there a 3ds Max feature or script that will help? please dont make me manually slice everything.

    You can try Quadify (I think that's what it's called) in Max. It is capable of creating uniform quads but as with any automated feature, it's not just perfect. Usually this kind of thing really should be done in a more manual way, since it's you that know where you want polys, not the software. Maybe it can do some work for you and you have to finish it off. But, either way, try it and see what you get. It's not very complicated so you'll quickly see the limitations, why it works in some areas and not others.. etc.


      Quadify is pretty neat, I forgot about it.

      But it reset all the material IDs and isnt as clean as manual editing, as you said

      Thanks for mentioning it though