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Need help with baking textures (Blender or Maya)

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    For the maya part(by texure i supose you mean a color map).First when you open your scene in maya(low poly and the high poly model),first in lightning uncheck the option two sided lightning.If now some of your meshes appear black it means that their normals are reversed.Select the black mesh/facese if any and in normals->reverse.Another thing coud be inversed uvs and sometimes overlaping uvs.In the uveditor image-> and activate shade uvs.If they are all red you have to invert them to blue.(flip them)

    And for the rendering part if you are just rendering a color map.First add the low poly model in the target meshes and in the source meshes add the high poly mesh.Than select only the difuse color option and by defaut its ready to bake.Make it a targa for example and in the same window of the transfer maps in maya common outputs just put the desired resolution and bake.

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  • started a topic Need help with baking textures (Blender or Maya)

    Need help with baking textures (Blender or Maya)


    I am using ddo to texture uv maps, altough it seems I am ecountering problems with baking textures from Blender or Maya. I 've checked tutorials how to do it, but it seems I am missing something, because it always bakes out as black "nothing". Anyone got experiences with baking out textures out of mention 3D softwares ?

    I got simple model, jsut two types of materials, but as i mentioned, it wont render the right way. So if you got skills with it, would you teach me how to do this. I t will take only up to half an hour. The reason I am asking for it this, way, is that I may ecounter some problems during proccess, which I wont be able to solve myself.

    Well, if anyone would do so, please contact me via private message, so we can contact each other trough sykpe, teamspeak etc.