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Extra bone resource cost

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    Extra bone resource cost


    I'm working on a kinda horde mode game where you'll see around 30 enemies on the scene. What do you think enemies should have bones for fingers and such? 30enemy X 10finger X 3 bones is 900 extra bones. I don't know games like L4D2 or Payday2 has finger skeleton on enemy models but i think its wasting a lot of resources.

    So any experience with skeletal mesh bone resource cost?

    Memory-wise least is usually best? And unless your horde is doing knitting or sth I definitely wouldn't bother with finger bones. My 3p custom charaters (players) only have 3 bones in the right hand to include the must have trigger finger. So that's triggerFinger, other fingers and hand. But the left is 2 bones: hand, and all fingers. In the case of dualies I'll wing it.