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Different texture appearance in blender and UDK

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    Different texture appearance in blender and UDK

    Hello, I'm new to both Blender and UDK and I'm currently struggling with exporting static meshes between the programs. I tried to search for a possible answer but none of found solutions fixed my issue with the way textures behave for me.

    My UV layout:

    Object mode in Blender:

    Appearance in UDK:

    It is possible that I have misunderstood or misread something, but currently I feel stuck. If so, please show me any link or direction I should follow. I am using the fbx exporter as shown in this tutorial: Blender to UDK Static Mesh Fbx Export:
    Thanks in advance!

    UV mapping needs to be added?
    ^^ try that

    - the size of your image is far beyond regulations, they are also unneccesary.
    - good luck


      And what do you mean by that? I have 2 UV maps under Object data -> UV Maps, as well as my material in texture->show material textures is set to be mapped by UV coords. Is there anything else that needs to be done?


        UV map seems messy: vertical planks on the blender shot look streched. Try to make faces don't overlap each other and relax them so they are not buggy. If that doesn't work try mabye exporting your object as an .ASE file. For a fance like that I would use 512x512 texture. I am not sure but I think it should be tga (targa) file.
        Good luck (powodzenia!)