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Map Projection to Static Mesh - [Tutorial]

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    Map Projection to Static Mesh - [Tutorial]

    Map Projection to Static Mesh

    • A Map Projection is a plane surface, or flat surface, with a representation of, for example; The world.
    • This tutorial is a method to obtain a real world, or real map representation onto UDK Landscape, Terrain Or Static Mesh.
    Google Earth Simple Example:
    Click image for larger version

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    Why Create this?:
    • The forum is inundated with posts, questions, problems and requests for Landscape & Terrain, this Tutorial may answer many Users questions.
    • It's good for performance
    • It's Great for Level/ Game/ Environment Design ( It can be useful for many things, i needed it for various reasons)
    * I was trying to get a similar result as Epic's Terrain Static Mesh and the jazz rabbit stuff.
    * In Theory you can use this to fake landscape Larger than 10km [UDK Limit]

    [Image ]

    [Tutorial]: [A]

    Important Information

    Stuff you need/ Recommended:

    •• An image of 2017 Width x 1009 Height is the maximum i tried and Editing landscape at this size create issues.
    - sometimes you model will have NO overlapping UV seams in 3DSMax but UDK says it does...

    * L3DT Team
    * Ultima 7 Team & Richard Garriot/ Origin [the island i made was scarabrae]
    * UDK


    - i will add a step by step image for what i did, maybe a video aswel...


      Ok, I'm posting here.
      Do you have a solution for my problem ?

      I have a terrain that I painted with some materials/layers, but I had to tessellate it so high, that later I found out that the Triangle count of it became half a million, and my project's limitation is for 300k.
      So I was wondering if there is some way to export the terrain with the layers as an image file that I can make into a texture and then put on a simple brush ?


        As long as your terrain does not have any over hang, you should be able to use the above technique
        - in your scene you can simply take an aerial view of your world.
        - i suggest use the 'tiledshot x' method for High-res large images
        x being the number variable -
        tiledshot  4
        - exporting the model back to '3DModel software' and using the 'optimisation' method will reduce 500,000 + into much smaller
        ^ this can be done with UDK built in feature export with materials
        - The example above was reduced significantly:
        500,000 became: 
                    7599 with
        ^^ and that can go lower.

        - p.s. are you wax from wax & herbal tea?


          The problem is, that when I reduce the triangles, some of the terrain materials disappear, because they are rather small, but I need them to be like that. So I need some way to get the four landscape layers I've got together and exported as some kind of an image format, which I can later reimport, make into a material and apply to a single sheet brush or similar.

          And no, I'm not him, but I gave him the nickname


            - this is why the "Black and white masks" are a great option for you.

            - You have 4 channels, R,G,B,A
            - Each channel can contain 1 x8 Bit greyscale image = 4 different materials
            Advanced Note:
            - Optional: You are then able to use a black and white Quad texture you get use a fractal expression to split you 8Bit channels into a further 4 sub-sections [thus making 16]
            - i will not describe this process here, but you can go here [after you get the first bit done]:
            mAlkAv!An did the mathematics for this, personally i think its quite nice, but a similar process is also documented in the official documentation from Epic which is slightly easier to understand


              To be honest, I understood next to none.
              Here's the file. Can you just make it into an image file with considerable quality and share it ?